The Angiology and Vascular Surgery department approaches the specialty of Phlebology and varicose vein surgery, applying the newest and most efficient surgical techniques to eliminate the veins:


CHIVA technique

The surgical technique CHIVA eliminates the veins without extracting the saphenous vein (main superficial vein).

  • Less aggressive technique which means a better recuperation.
  • Local anesthetic, sedation or spinal anesthesia.
  • Out patient procedure
  • 5-15-20 day recuperation (depending on the patient).
  • Six months wearing compression stockings.


Laser or Radiofrequency Technique

This technique closes the saphenous vein with the heat of the laser or of the radiofrequency and the varicose veins are extracted through mini incisions.

  • Tumescent local anesthesia with sedation.
  • Fast recuperation, similar to that which is achieved with the CHIVA technique.
  • Out patient procedure
  • 2 months wearing compression stockings.



This technique, due to its simplicity and rapid recuperation can be done throughout the whole year. It seals – or disables – the saphenous vein through “Venaseal”, which is the brand name of specialized medical glue and the varicose veins close with sclerotherapy (medical foam).

  • Local anaesthetic is used.
  • No need for compression stockings.