How to eliminate involuntary urination

The Gynaecology Service of the Hospital Clínica Benidorm offers surgical treatment for the problems of Urinary Incontinence with the TOT technique (tension free anatomic trans obturator tape).

This technique is very efficient in cases of urinary incontinence, this type of incontinence is that which causes involuntary urine loss when you cough, sneeze, pick up heavy objects or carry out a physical task.

This surgical technique for Urinary Incontinence is a simple and effective surgery which allows the patient to return home 24 hours after the operation and rapidly recuperate their daily life.

Is a revolutionary procedure that has completely changed the results of Urinary Incontinence within the last decade. Previously, complex interventions were carried out with bad results which did not completely correct the incontinence or left the patients with problems when urinating.

The technique consists in the application of a new concept using «Tension Free Bands». Although there are different procedures, the most popular is the TOT technique (Trans Obturator Tape). Which consists in the vaginal colocation of a «band» (which is a polypropylene tape, a new material of porous mesh which the body does not reject). This is generally fitted under spinal or general anaesthetic, without sutures. This band substitutes the ligaments which may have been damaged after giving birth or over the course of time.

As it is not sewn, it integrates into the body like a new ligament and gives an elastic support to the urethra, correcting the incontinence naturally.

The effect is immediate although we must insist that it should only be used for Urinary Incontinence, and it is very important to avoid physical strain and lifting of heavy objects during the first months after the procedure until the body has connected itself to the mesh. The effect is efficient and «everlasting», if the adequate precautions are taken.

24 hours in the hospital

The Gynaecology Department offers a simple medical circuit for this treatment:

  1. In the first consultation with the specialist, for information and evaluation, it is determined what type of incontinence the patient is suffering and if they are a candidate for the surgery or, if they are not, which other types of treatment can be proposed.
  1. When the surgery has been decided, the patient has to have a pre-operatory consultation with the anaesthetist. 
  1. The patient undergoes the surgery and in 24 hours is discharged from the hospital, rapidly returning to their daily life. 
  1. In HCB we offer 3 months of follow up treatment and the possibility to carry out therapy and training of the Pelvic Floor.

Approximately 50% of woman suffer incontinence at some point but many of them are ashamed and hide it and therefore do not find efficient solutions. For this reason, the most important thing to do is consult with the gynaecologist or your GP to determine what grade and type of incontinence you are suffering and therefore find a solution.


Dr. Javier Server Gosálvez

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