Hospital Clínica Benidorm has created the Specialized Paediatrics Unit to give comprehensive cover for the health and well-being needs of the whole family. With this project HCB has brought together team of professionals specialized in the care and attention to children.

The Specialized Paediatrics Unit at HCB was created to respond to the both general paediatric needs and more complex needs which require the intervention of specialized professionals. Therefore, HCB offers a group of infant specialists and medical services oriented towards children from 0 to 14 years from Benidorm and Marina Baixa.

Paediatrician at Hospital Clínica Benidorm

The aim is that any pathology or complex case can be studied and treated in the same paediatrics centre, always accompanied by their paediatrician who will integrate all that is needed for each case, and make the whole process easier for the child and the parents.

The HCB Paediatric Unit goes even further in their vocation of integrated specialized service and have organized their activities around several medical teams devoted to various departments and stages of growth and child development:

  • The “Healthy child” programme
  • Infant and juvenile mental health unit
The “Healthy child” programme

In addition, the service has paediatric nursing staff who carry out child vaccination and monitoring as part of the child health programme; Programmes to study the nutritional state and guidelines for healthy eating; Workshops for Education for Health and accident prevention.