The UCAH is aimed at curing illnesses and injuries of the shoulder and incorporates new minimally invasive techniques such as Arthroscopic Surgery. This allows for less aggressive and more successful treatment of the various pathologies of the shoulder.

One of its priorities is to deal with each patient as an individual in order to offer him or her personalized treatment; furthermore, the whole process of diagnosis, treatment, operating and rehabilitation is offered in the same hospital and so the doctor can supervise the whole process personally, which speeds up and facilitates recovery.

The unit also applies the latest techniques in arthroscopic knee and hip surgery and is undergoing important developments which make it possible to treat pathologies which until now it had not been possible to treat.

La UCAH has also brought in the new biological surgery techniques (platelet-enriched plasma, stem cells, etc.) which improve treatment of various pathologies of the shoulder, the knee and the hip.

Shoulder Treatments

La Cirugia Artroscopica ayuda con las lesiones deportivas en el hombro

Arthroscopic Surgery is a technique which allows for a less aggressive and more successful treatment of the various pathologies of the shoulder:

  • Subacromial Impingement Syndrome
  • Rotator cuff breakages
  • Recurrent dislocations and instability, lesions of the Labrum
  • SLAP lesions and biceps tendon pathology
  • Acromioclavicular Arthritis and rheumatism
  • Frozen shoulder and stiffness of the shoulder
  • Calcifying tendinitis
  • Acute fractures and fracture consequences, prosthetic and reconstructive shoulder surgery.
Hip Treatments

La Cirugía Artroscópica ayuda a reparar lesiones del Golf

The development of arthroscopic surgery has allowed specialists to carry out various treatments in a minimally evasive manner, thus minimizing the disadvantages of traditional open surgery.

  • Femoroplasties,
  • Acetabuloplasties,
  • Repairs to the Labrum
  • Treatment of chondral lesions


Although there are not yet any conclusive studies, due to the short time the technique has been in use, the majority of surgeons who use it believe that it could help to avoid or delay the appearance of arthrosis of the hip, which, when at an advanced stage, requires that a total prosthesis be implanted.

Knee Treatments

The development of arthroscopic surgery also allows specialists to carry out carious treatments on the knee in a minimally invasive manner.

In the Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Unit Hospital Clínica Benidorm they deal with:

  • Sports injuries
  • Meniscal sutures
  • Repairs to the ACL
  • Treatment of cartilage lesions and
  • Treatment of knee degeneration due to lesions of the meniscus or the cartilage


What are the advantages of arthroscopic surgery as against open surgery?

  • Reduced post-operative pain
  • More anatomical and precise repairs
  • Quicker recovery
  • Reduced possibility of infections
  • Few post-operative complications

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Dr. Alfredo Sánchez Martín

Dr. Antonio Blasco Alberdi