Technological facilities

  • DIDI 2.0c Digital Radiology Room with two sensors with Digital Telemetry
  • G.E Senographe DS 2000 Digital Mamograph with stereotaxic equipment
  • Multisensor TACs 64 CH GE Lightspeed VCT (with ASiR technology which allows the dosage to be reduced between 50 and 83%)
  • Ultrasound: Toshiba XARIO SSA-660A (convex, lineal and Doppler colour sensors)
  • Resonance: SIGNE CVi 1.5 T INFINITY EXCITE G.E.M.S.
  • Ortopantomograph
  • 16 slice TAC room G.E. Discovery ST with equipment for quantitative bone densitometry.
  • Portable equipment
  • Radiosurgical equipment
  • Model MYLAB 70 XVG echogram, especially for:
    • For the Neurology services for neurosonological evaluations such as:
      • Quantifying the amount of atheromatosis in widespread vascular disease.
      • Evaluation of cerebral vasospasm following a subarachnoid haemorrhage.
      • Vascular study and evaluation of risk of cerebrovascular ischaemia.
      • Pre-op evaluation of patients with high surgical risk.
      • Movement disorders.
      • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
    • Gynaecology and Obstetrics Service
      • 4D Ultrasound, pregnancy control at 20 weeks for the morphological control of the foetus.
  • DXA GE Lunar Model DPX Pro Densitometer with the following options:
    • Spine AP projection (acquisition time: 90 sec.)
    • Femur (acquisition time: 90 sec.)
    • Dual Femur™ (acquisition time 3 min)
    • Full body bone densitometry (6 min)
    • Analysis of body composition (% fat and tissue)
    • OneVision™



Dr. Jaime Solaz

Dra. Ana Isabel Nicolás Barbajero

Dra. Isabel Sánchez de las Matas

Dr. Hazael Martín Fernández

Dr. Juan Felipe Rojas Blandon

Dr. Erik Nurbek