The Psychology Service at Hospital Clínica Benidorm is made up of various specialists from the Clinical Psychology department.

A psychological intervention aims to search for solutions to all types of difficulties or problems that a person may find they have, as well as helping them to discover their own resources and therefore help them to feel better. The aim is that it is the actual patient who develops all of their potential, being aware of the reality and reinforcing their positive qualities to reach balance and psychological wellbeing.

For ths reason, Hospital Clínica Benidorm, through their collaboration agreement with the renowned professional team of the Espiral Group, provide a psychological service in various fields:

  • Adult Psychology: During life, we find ourselves in very difficult situations which we try to solve in multiple ways. However, on some occasions we need the help of a professional to guide us through a process of change and who helps us to identify the necessary strengths that we possess to improve said situation.
  • Couple therapy: This is necessary when a partner finds themselves emerged in conflicts, difficulty to communicate or any other problem where they cannot perceive a way out or a solution. Definitively, it consists in the professional approach to the conflicts that arise in a partnership with the aim to enhance the understanding, empathy, communication and the positive actions between them both, leaving aside the recriminations and negativity.
  • Family therapy: In all families, problems or conflicts exist which can be resolved by the actual members. However, sometimes the relationships between some of them are deteriorated and an adequate solution for the needs of each of them, cannot be perceived. In this case, it is necessary to visit a professional who can help the family to administer these imbalances, enhancing the understanding and the emotional support between them.
  • Infant-Youth Psychology: In the process of psychological and emotional growth of children and teenagers we can find ourselves with different problems (disobedience, tantrums, academic difficulties, emotional problems etc.), which on occasion require the help of a professional. In psychological therapy, they take into account both the observable problems as well as the more interior, as well as a global perception of all of the areas where the child is developing (family, friends, and school).

Dra. Jessica Castejón