The Nuclear Medicine Service at Hospital Clínica Benidorm has its own top-of-the-range Tomography Camera with a dual sensor with a mated CT scanner and also a multi-slice PET-CT scanner (16 slices), the greatest advance in the diagnosis of oncological diseases.

The Nuclear Medicine systems at Hospital Clínica Benidorm allow the detection and monitoring of diseases such as malign tumours, the response to oncological treatments, the detection of sentinel ganglia, coronary ischaemic heart disease, detection of Alzheimer, sports bone injuries, renal pathologies in children and adults, pulmonary thrombosis, thyroid and parathyroid pathologies and epilepsies which fail to respond to treatment, among others. In addition, it also allows for something else, of great importance for the patient, which is the planning of radiotherapy or surgical in complex anatomical areas.

This is the reason why it works inside the Integral Cancer Treatment Institute at HCB

All this is performed in the security of reliable, non-invasive technology which is comfortable for the patient and highly sensitive when detecting lesions.



Dr. Antonio Martínez Caballero

Dr. Jaime Ortín Pérez