This Radiology specialty covers processes in both the diagnostic and therapeutic areas using imaging technology. At Hospital Clínica Benidorm we have a team of collaborating and on-call specialists who constantly work closely with the other specialties.

Diagnostic Neuroradiology

  • Diagnostic angiography of supra aortic trunks and the aortic arch
  • Aortic and selective angiography
  • Cerebral angiography of one vessel
  • Cerebral angiography of two vessels
  • Complete cerebral angiography
  • Unilateral external carotid angiography
  • Cerebral angiogram to diagnose cause of death
  • Phlebography and taking of samples
  • Arteriography for radiosurgery
  • Occlusion tests
  • Spinal cord arteriography
  • Bilateral petrosal sinus catheterization
  • Bilateral carotid arteriography for WADA test


Therapeutic Neuroradiology

  • External carotid embolization
  • Occlusion of large vessels
  • Superselective intracranial embolization
  • Selective spinal cord embolization
  • Intracranial aneurism embolization
  • Endovenous intracranial embolization
  • Therapeutic infusion for intracerebral fibrinolysis
  • Therapeutic infusion for super selective chemotherapy
  • Therapeutic infusion for vasospasm
  • Extracranial angioplasty with stents
  • Extracranial angioplasty without stents
  • Percutaneous embolization of tumour lesions
  • Vertebroplasty
  • Chemonucleolysis
  • Unilateral lacrimonasal stent
  • Bilateral lacrimonasal stent
  • Chemical Rhizolysis guided by CT
  • Percutaneous biopsy guided by CT

Intravascular foreign body retrieval



Dr. José Ignacio Gallego

Dr. Georgio Barbieri