Haematology and Haemotherapy is a mixed specialty with clinical and laboratory aspects intimately linked, and they include the study of the blood and the haematopoietic organs and coagulation (haemorrhages and thrombosis) and replacement treatments using blood and its derivatives.

The Haematology and Haemotherapy Service at Hospital Clínica Benidorm is run by a team of specialists who treat both out-patient and hospitalized haematology patients whose main benefit is that they receive the most humane treatment possible and of course, that is combined with the best in current medical technology.

  • Haematology and Haemotherapy consultation
  • Monitoring of anticoagulated patients (INR Control)
  • Thrombosis risk study
  • Blood population counts (blood counts)
  • Diagnostic Cytology in peripheral blood and Bone Marrow studies (Morphology, Immunophenotype and Cytogenetics)
  • Blood typing
  • Phenotyping and determination of antibodies (Coombs Test)
  • Blood derivative transfusions (blood, plasma and platelets)
  • Therapeutic Phlebotomies



Dr. Eduardo Burguero Barrachina

Dr. Guillermo Cañigral Ferrando

Dra. Carolina Cañigral Ortiz