21 enero 2020

I was welcomed by professional staff members and received very good follow-up. I felt very safe and well looked after the whole time. A doctor checked me up on regular basis and I was constantly informed about my condition and what would happen in the future.

I would especially like to commend to Miriam Iborra Lorente. She radiated care and heart warmth and made my days much better. I would also like to commend two of the doctors, Dra. Eva Perez and Dra. Concepción Cortez, whom with their professional skills and care for me, gave me great sense of security and calm. I also think the kitchen deserves compliments for always offering varied and tasty food.

Mette Haugen was very important for both my wife and I. With her brilliant attitude, presence and assistance with interpreting my questions and the information given by the medical, she was almost indispensable.

If I should ever need hospitalization again, I hope I will stay at Your quality institution.