Caring for a seriously ill person in the Critical Care Service at Hospital Clínica Benidorm is not limited merely to the purely clinical aspects. Paying attention to the medical aspect is essential but we should not forget the mental and affective side affecting both the patients and their family members.

The information given to the patient and the family upon admission is detailed. And at visiting times detailed medical information is given on a daily basis and whenever any important clinical changes arise.

The service has 14 beds under the care of doctors specializing in intensive care medicine in the best hospitals and a nursing team which is expert in critical patient care assisted by nursing assistants working exclusively for the Intensive Medicine Service.

In order to optimize the available resources, we have divided our Service into the following functional units:

  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Intermediate Care Unit
  • Post-Operative Care Unit
  • Thorax Pain Unit
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Intervention Unit
  • Pacemaker Therapy Unit
  • On-Going Training Unit
  • Clinical and Quality Control Committees



  • Critical patient care
  • Sedation during complementary digestive and respiratory tests
  • Installing central venous lines and fitting dialysis catheters
  • Lumbar and pleural puncture
  • Electrical cardioversion
  • Fitting temporary pacemakers
  • Fitting permanent pacemakers
  • Monitoring permanent pacemakers
  • Fibro-bronchoscopy
  • Conventional haemodialysis
  • Intravenous continuous haemodialysis
  • Fitting catheters for arterial and/or pulmonary monitoring
  • Fitting intraaortic balloon pumps
  • Percutaneous and surgical tracheotomy
  • Emergency echocardiographs
  • Fitting pericardial, thoracic and abdominal drains


ICU visiting hours

From Monday to Sunday from 1pm to 2pm and from 6pm to 7pm.



Dr. Osama Barakat

Dr. José Cardeñosa Cendreros

Dr. Carlos de San Luis González

Dra. Laura Fayos Medina

Dra. Concepción Cortés Navlón

Dr. José Manuel Simon Machí

Dra. Mª Antonia Barceló Ramos

Dra. Eva Pérez Rubio

Dr. Alfonso Rodriguez

Dra. Tanya Ciges Chornet

Dra. Clara Martínez Penalba