The emergency medical team at the hospital offers 24-hour assistance every day of the year and also has nurses and nursing assistants specialized in the field.

There is great coordination, to give more complete care when needed, with other specialists such as intensive care specialists, radiologists, anaesthetists, oncologists etc., and there is even cardiologist specializing in Haemodynamics who can be called in 24 hours a day should it be necessary.



Dr. Fernando Sánchez Ruano

Dra. Carmen Ruiz Ferreiro

Dr. Wilson Elias Arbaje Ortega

Dr. Benjamin Berdion Diaz

Dr. Manuel Fernando García Barona

Dra. Karla Dolores Gomez Alvarez

Dr. Alexander Llanos Parra

Dra. Mª Victoria Olave Fighetty

Dr. Arturo Medrano Rivacoba

Dr. Jose Rius Paya, Jose

Dr. Jose Francisco Signes Mascaro

Dr. Barynia Thera Vleeming

Dra. Susana Pérez Pérez