The Anaesthesiology Service at Hospital Clínica Benidorm is formed by a team of specialists who are with the patient before, during and after the operation in order to supervise how the anaesthetic is administered and to ensure that the patient receives the correct dosage at all times.

The anaesthetist studies the medical record of each patient in order to administer the correct dose, taking into account various factors, such as:

  • the type of operation to be carried out
  • the part of the body to be operated on
  • the duration of the operation
  • the patient’s illnesses or disorders
  • the allergies from which he or she may suffer
  • any history of adverse reactions to anaesthesia (either themselves or in the family)
  • any medicines being taken
  • age, build and weight

The anaesthetist will consider the various options available and will come to a decision on the basis of the individual needs of each patient.



Dr. Joaquín Mateu Perales

Dr. José Espí Romero

Dr. Silviano Arteaga Fraile

Dr. Vicente Martínez Pons

Dr. Miguel Angel Burguera Pérez

Dr. Juan Sanchís Alfonso

Dr. Jose Vicente Espulgues Yerbes

Dr. Felicidad López Sánchez