Hospital Clínica Benidorm has launched a new digital space directed to their patients: the HCB Patient Portal. This is a secure digital platform created so that the patients and users of all the HCB centres can access online, their clinical history, medical tests, invoices, appointment calendar and even make an appointment with their medical specialist.

This platform captures the digital transformation which the organisation is taking, orientated to improve the experience of the patient: appointments online, digital medical details with straightforward access, also from the HCB APP.

These functions can be carried out from a computer, tablet or mobile, as the Patient Portal can be accessed from the website or via the App “HCB helps the patient”, which has been updated to offer direct online access to these services, which are the ones that are requested the most by our patients.

The General Manager of Hospital Clínica Benidorm, Dr. Ana Paz, has presented the HCB Patient Portal as “a service which will improve the experience of our patients. It is a new means of communication to provide them with access to their medical information, whenever they need it.”

The HCB Patient Portal offers immediate and digitalised access to the patients’ most important information, safely, in order to protect their medical details. It also includes the platform for requesting an appointment online, any step taken by the patient through the medical centre is done respecting their security and privacy.

Online medical appointment

The HCB Patient Portal allows you to request medical appointments by choosing date, time, centre, doctor and specialty via the ‘NEW APPOINTMENT’ function. It is the patient who selects their preferences and controls their appointments whenever and from wherever they like. Additionally, the system will send you an email to remind you of your appointment details.

Appointment Calendar

The Patient Portal offers a complementary service to the Online Doctor Appointment: the Appointment Calendar “MY APPOINTMENTS”. In this section you can consult, at any time, your upcoming appointments. It also allows the user to cancel an appointment if necessary.

Digital Clinical History

The access to the digitalised medical information of the patient is one of the principal services offered by the HCB Patient Portal. The section “MY CLINICAL HISTORY” collects the clinical history of the patient, as well as their most recent informed medical tests. This function allows the patients to access their medical information without limits, middle men or prior requests.

Documents and patient education

And last, but definitely not least, the HCB Patient Portal offers its users the section “MY HEALTH” which collects other patient details such as invoices and attendance certificates – which have been previously requested by the patients.

“MY HEALTH” includes a part that is very important regarding patient education where the specialists who attend to the patient can post personalised advice and recommendations, depending on the pathology or the reasons of their most recent visits.

How to access the HCB Patient Portal

The access to the HCB digital platform is very simple: it is designed so that any person can use it from their computer, tablet or mobile. There are two ‘access points’ to the HCB Patient Portal: From the HCB website or from the HCB App ‘HCB cares for the patient’.


From the website

People who would like to access any of the functions of the platform from the web can do it via this link

Or by entering the website of Hospital Clínica Benidorm and accessing from any of the links which have been designed to facilitate the access to the Patient Portal and can be easily recognised.


From the App

The App “HCB cares for the patient” has been updated and improved to offer a safe and quick access to the users of the Patient Portal and allows them to make an appointment online easily and automatically.

To continue to enjoy the services of the App, to enter the Patient portal and/or to make an appointment online, you must access directly from the App. To download the APP and obtain more information regarding its functions, you can look for it by name “HCB cares for the patient” in the download platforms of Android and Apple or by clicking here:

How to make an appointment Online

The online appointment function is very simple. It is possible to make an appointment online via the HCB Patient Portal Platform or from the various links for ONLINE APPOINTMENT on the HCB website.

You firstly must select the principal fields to make a doctor’s appointment and then you will be asked to register in the Patient Portal to guarantee the safety and privacy of all the users.

The people who are already registered will be detected by the system and will be able to continue without needing to give their personal details again; the people who are not registered in the HCB Patient Portal, and wish to make a doctor’s appointment, will simply have to register by completing the simple process.