If you are an EU resident, thanks to the Directive on the rights of patients in Cross-Border Healthcare of the European Union, you can receive planned medical treatment in another country of the Union.

In this post we want to give you information about the “EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive” so that you know your rights as a European citizen resident to receive healthcare in another community country; in this case in Spain and, specifically, in Hospital Clínica Benidorm.

Detailed information on the Cross Border Healthcare Directive and be found here on the EU Commission website and also here on the HSE website.

In summary, to operate receive healthcare in Hospital Clínica Benidorm through the Cross-Border Directive you should meet the following conditions:

  • Be a resident of a European Union country.
  • Require healthcare that is publicly available in your home country, Ireland
  • Have a letter of referral from your GP for public healthcare in Ireland
  • Travel to Spain and receive your healthcare in Hospital Clínica Benidorm

We also recommend that:

  • Inform your GP of your intention to travel to HCB for treatment
  • Liaise with the HSE’s National Contact Point in Kilkenny (tel. 056 778 4546 or email crossborderdirective@hse.ie) about your treatment plan with HCB. They will give you prior authorisation for your treatment by HCB and confirm the level of reimbursement you will receive on your return to Ireland.

Our International Relations Department will help you with all the procedures, providing you with all the information you need to start the process in Ireland with your GP. If you meet the requirements and wish to know more about receiving your treatment at HCB, please contact us: international_casemanager@clinicabenidorm.com .

We will be with you and help you at every step of the way to ensure you receive the best medical healthcare in the shortest possible time, all in accordance with our Quality Policies and complying with the Quality Accreditations achieved by Hospital Clínica Benidorm.

Hospital Clínica Benidorm is authorized to provide medical services within the European Cross Border Healthcare Directive as it is a private hospital that meets all quality standards and all the regulations of the Spanish Public Health service.

Why HCB in Spain

The location of Hospital Clínica Benidorm in one Spain’s main tourism destinations and our experience with overseas patients since 1986 have allowed us to develop a health-care model which is unique and totally adapted to international patients. The HCB model has services divided by nationalities and composed of medical, health and administrative staff and multilingual interpreters.

  • Frequent air connections year-round between Ireland and Alicante (flight-time about 2 hours 40 minutes).
  • Excellent free assistance service at Alicante airport for those who need it.
  • Short transfer to our modern hospital in central Benidorm (about 40 minutes).
  • English-speaking staff, dealing with international patients from all over Europe and beyond.
  • Over 160 beds.
  • Experienced, professional, friendly medical, nursing and support staff.
  • World-class facilities, equipment and procedures.
  • Rehabilitation programme to get you back on your feet in no time.
  • The perfect place to recuperate: sandy beaches, blue skies, sunshine, beautiful mountain valleys with vineyards, almond, olive and citrus groves, tapas and everywhere a friendly Spanish welcome.