Benidorm is a city bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean and situated in the southern part of the Region of Valencia. Its exceptional microclimate, which is warm and with low rainfall allows you to enjoy the sun and the sea all year long with average ambient temperatures of 20º. The temperature of the water on its two beaches and three coves is and pleasant average of 19º over the year.

Since the late 19th century, the Benidorm climate has been a major attraction for health tourism. Indeed, more than 100 years ago Spanish doctors recommended that their patients took in the sun and the sea of Benidorm and the first tourist establishment to be set up in the city was a spa.

More than a century later, the sun and the sea have turned Benidorm into a source of health. The healing properties of both have been recognized since ancient times: they help to improve rheumatism, asthma or osteoporosis and also help to fight two of the most common modern disorders: stress and anxiety. According to doctors, the ions of the sea-side climate bring the components of the blood back to normal and it has even been demonstrated that a fracture heals three times faster in sea water than in fresh water.

Ideally connected by motorway with the l’Altet international airport and the Alacant-Alicante railway station which connects with modern, high-speed trains to Europe, Benidorm is the ideal place for those who wish to recover their health, take care of it and enjoy life in an atmosphere of sun and happiness.