Hospital wards

The hospital wards are on three floors and have 166 beds that are divided into rooms with 2 beds per room. The rooms are renovated periodically and are fully equipped to make your stay a comfortable one.

Hospital wards

The Intensive Care Unit is located on the first floor and has 14 beds.

Each ward and the ICU are staffed by a team of nurses and auxiliaries who are specialized in the pathology of the patients they are caring for.


The Polyclinic is the area where outpatients are attended. All day, there are specialists attending outpatients who have previously made an appointment.

You can make an appointment by telephone, directly at reception, or through our web site.


  • 965 85 38 50

Opening times: 8:00 -20:00

Polyclinic coordinator: Dra. Marina Caballé Tura.

ER-1638/2000 Calidad Internacional. IQNet

Hospital Clínica Benidorm comprises of four operating theatres equipped with the latest technology and a spacious, post-anaesthetic recovery area, as well as having highly skilled personnel in order to cover the following surgical specialities:

  • Heart Surgery
  • Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • General and Digestive Tract Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery
  • Maxillo Facial Surgery
  • Orthopaedic and trauma Surgery
  • Oncology Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Digestive Endoscopy
  • Gynaecology
  • Pneumology, Ultrasound-guided bronchoscopy
  • Neurosurgery
  • Ophthalmic
  • Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Urology

The hospital’s medical team provides 24 hour A&E care every day of the year. The team is assisted by nurses and auxiliaries who are specialised in this field. There is great coordination with other specialists in case more comprehensive care is necessary, for example, specialists in intensive care, radiologists, surgeons, anaesthetists, oncologists, and also a haemodynamics cardiologist on call 24 hours a day to carry out heart catheterization, if necessary. Patients having less serious conditions that still require preferential care are looked after with the same interest.


We have 8 individual examination rooms fitted out with the best and most up-to-date technology. All of the rooms are equipped with medical gases, breathing equipment, telemetry monitoring. There is a two-way movement of people, with an internal corridor, which is completely separate for patients and personnel. A separate waiting room is located near to the examination rooms, where friends and relatives of the patients can wait in comfort.

  • Dra. Dª. Carmen Ruiz Ferreiro
  • Dr. D. Arturo Medrano Rivacoba
  • Dr. D. Patrick Welter
  • Dr. D. Fernando Sánchez Ruano
  • Dr. D. Benjamín Berdion Díaz
  • Dr. D. Jose F. Signes Mascaró
  • Dra. Dª. Karla Gómez Alvarez
  • Dr. D. Wilson Elías Arbaje Ortega
  • Dr. D. Adrian Grasso Flores
  • Dr. D. Adrian Encarnación
  • Dra. Dª. Montserrat Romeu Sánchez
ER-1638/2000 Calidad Internacional. IQNet

Tumour treatment is commonly carried out by administering medication intravenously: chemotherapy. Patients have to come to the Hospital to receive their chemotherapy.

To make it easier to provide this type of treatment the ICTI has developed a Day Hospital. It has 11 individual examination rooms with adjustable chairs to provide our patients with maximum comfort.

Day hospital

The layout of the facilities is versatile enough to afford patient privacy, when required.

The healthcare workers keep control of the treatments and the oncologists are available for the patients at all times.